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June 4th;

Ok, so it’s like I’m back at the time I left England! So trippy and technically it’s a new day. FINALLY IN BRUNEI! Which means I only have a five hour flight left! Oh yeah, after this five hour wait, I hate them for changing the times, it was only two hours before. This is the worst airport to be stuck in, it’s so small and has nothing. But I’m at the Coffee place I was last time, this time on a comfy couch with an Iced Chocolate, which used up the end of the money I had from last time and the internet is working a lot better, probably less people. It’s cool knowing your way around, last time I was a right muppet ha. When I left England, I was looking forward to Australia and felt bad that I had excluded it so much from being home haha, it’s my home too, I guess my first home, obviously, it’ll always play a huge part in my life I think. So I can’t wait to get back.

The flights were a lot better than the flight over there. I didn’t feel as sick, actually not at all. I got a vegie meal and then only got a salad on the second flight as they couldn’t cater, but he changed my meals for the Brunei to Perth flight which was good!

The guy behind me kept moving so much and hit my chair like a million times, I was about to stab him. He always said ‘God I can’t wait to get to Perth, I updated my status saying yay and someone commented saying, only you’d be excited to leave England. Perth is the place to be!’ I think he was drugged haha. The best part of the flight I think was when I put on this movie, which ended up just being a cheesy chick flick and not the good kind I turned it off, a few hours later the guy next to me (BY NEXT I MEAN A SEAT OVER NO ONE WAS IN BETWEEN WOO!) He put on the movie, I didn’t think it’d be his kind of movie, but he stopped it at the EXACT same spot I did, when I realised how shit it was LOL! Made me laugh. However, my tv screen was black and white the whole journey which was annoying. Watched Justin Beiber’s Never Say Never which was actually decent, more than I expected. An episode of Glee and Hannah Montana and just listened to some music. Slept so well on the first leg, probably due to my alcohol haha, the second not so well. My neck is killing. So tired too. Time for some aimless facebook!

The internet just cut out, they netter get it back up and running! It’s the only thing this airport has to offer life!

Nope, it’s timed out. I hope this airport burns to the ground. It was ever since that man went to the counter with his laptop, he’s stolen my internet, bastard!


It’s now back! Woo! See, my blogs are now about internet connections! This airport is tragic lol.

‘Paging Adeliah? (I think)… Please identify yourself’ LOL! That was just announced, freak airport! They’ve said it like five times now.

I’m uploading the photos from my last night out, taking this internet for all it’s worth! Haha, drinking my drink really slowly too incase they only let you stay up here with a drink. The airport is really quiet, I hope my flight is dead so I can lay down and sleep the whole way.

God I don’t feel well at all. So tired and just feeling sick. I want to lay down on a bed. You forget how amazing beds are when you haven’t laid on one in over 24 hours and can only try to sleep sitting up. Time need to hurry up, so I can board and try to get some sleep.

The internet is started to play up quite a lot now, got to talk to the family on Facebook, cut out while talking to Mum. Going to go to the weird toilets haha, then just wait near my gate, have dosed off here, incredibly tired, I think I’ll be able to sleep fine on the plane which will be good! This will be my last entry out of Australia! Which is really the end of my blog! Adios Brunei! Don’t really want to see you again.

So I’m now sitting on my made bed, in front of the fan! Home at last! It’s colder here than it was in England haha! The last flight was bearable. I almost missed it! I went to sleep and woke up 10 minutes before take off! They were even calling my name over the speaker system! I freaked out and was running ahah, went to the wrong terminal and then prayed I hadn’t missed the flight! There was a guy in my window seat, so I just sat on the aisle one. I couldn’t even eat anything, the one time i got a vegie meal without asking haha! He asked if I wanted to swap cause I didn’t look well, and said I could lay down on both seats, we had one in between like last time! Managed to sleep the whole flight except the last 40 minutes! Dah! As we were getting off he asked where I was from, he lives near Carousel, small world! Got off the plane and went straight for the booze haha, got Kate a 1.75 litre bottle of Jack’s, 1 litre of Vodka, I couldn’t get anymore, was over the limit, infact I had to ask this lady to bring the Vodka through for me haha, the checkout lady said to just ask someone, luckily this lady was fine with it. Waited a little bit to get through the border, I went through first as the lady needed to go declare food.

Walked through a saw Mark first,filming me haha, I went up to hug Mum who was waving Australian flags, just before we hugged she put an Australian lanyard around my neck, cute! Waited for my vodka, thanked the lady. Kate couldn’t make it, car troubles. But was waiting at home for me. Drove back to GaGa’s new album! Got home in total an hour after I landed, which is so good for customs!

Got back home, unpacked my bags and showed the few things I had for myself, shame all my other stuff wasn’t here, but got to unpack my first parcel! Gave everyone their presents, and just talked about my trip and what’s been going on here. Walked into my room, bed made, room so tidy! I never have it this tidy! Cannot wait to get some sleep! When I landed, it felt so nice to be back on Australian soil. I’m so torn between the two places. But I feel so much happier here with my family. Who knows what the future holds.

This is my final entry about my travels! Wouldn’t have changed any of it! Had the best time, better than I ever thought I would, learnt more about myself, more about my family  and more about England!

56 Pages I’ve written! I think I will print it off and do something with it!
My first solo trip, I don’t think it will be my last.
Now to ink this moment in my life!
Byeeeeeeeeeeee <3

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