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June 3rd;

Well, here I am, sitting in Starbucks eating a Cheese and Marmite Penni and some well needed water. I feel so much better than I did this morning, I think the little sleep in the car helped so much. God, Rachel and I were gone! We drunk so much. I haven’t even written about last night! That first I think.

I woke up from my nap and shortly after I heard someone at the door followed by Merle’s voice, I came down and met Maureen for the first time ever! Barry’s wife, was so weird! Wasn’t expecting to see her, but it was really nice to. She had bought Lemon Drizzle Cake and Choc Chip Cookies, we all sat out in the garden with tea, first we had the cakes with Cherrill and now this haha! This is the life. We chatted and I really liked Maureen, she seems so down to earth and just so easy to get along with. Roger told us how one day he called Rachel a  slut and she was horrified. But he was using it as it’s literal meaning ‘An untidy person’ he didn’t know what it was used for in today’s day and age haha. We ended up chatting for a few hours which was nice, Rachel should of arrived at 6pm but she was a bit late due to her bus. Merle and Maureen stayed for dinner, Maureen didn’t eat, don’t think she felt very well. Chicken nuggets and chips and beans! They were all shocked with my salt and sauce, it was annoying after a while, just let me eat in peace haha!

I went to get changed and we were all ready to go! I got a group photo before we left, which was much effort trying to put it in place haha. Good times. It turned out to be a decent photo which was nice. Rachel looked  in the mirror and said how orange she looked, Merle said she didn’t want to say anything but she did look like a biscit that I have forgotten! Rachel said, ‘Oh really! I’m on the mullet side now!’ Earlier I was saying Merle had a mullet haha. Rachel powered it down a bit and then Merle said ‘That’s better, more of a another biscuit that I’ve forgotten the name!’ Frustrating! Maureen offered to drive us down in her non power steering car haha, the wheel looked so hard to turn! As we were waiting at a light, Maureen went to a guy passing ‘Alright Mate’ he looked at her weird LOL, Rachel and I turned to eachother and looked worried lol, then when we were going round the round about cause Maureen went past Charles St, she beeped at the Palace Pier haha, nutcase! But she is actually really cool. Before we set of we told her that she’s our aunty which took her by surprise, she never knew all this time and suddenly had a million nephews and nieces, bless.

As we got out of the car, said our goodbyes, Rachel said as we walked off, probably wasn’t good for out street cred to be dropped off by out Auntys haha. The bouncer wasn’t going to let me in because my ID was Australian License. Rachel said I’d been let in loads of times before, then I went ‘JP knows me’ He went and asked JP and then came and begrudgingly let us in, bastard. 
We got a photo with Joan, the lady who took it had her finger over the flash, she said ‘Oh, you’re in the dark’ I said her finger was covering the flash, but she didn’t listen and took another one and said ‘Oh you’re still in the dark! I think it’s that light’ Rachel and I joked about it all night haha. Then it was just drink, deep and meaningfuls, dance, drink, drink, deep meaningfuls, dance, deep meaningfuls, drink, drink. We ended up buying two drinks at once, because there was a huge line down stairs, but we always went upstairs where there was no line, but still bought two drinks at a time, not sure what we were thinking really haha. Had SUCH a good night, danced so much, saw Ian here and there, but not that much. By the end of the night I kept sliding down my chair, said goodbye to Ian and JP and then Rachel and I stumbled to a RFC place, which was a rip off of KFC and got some food, that we took back to Gaye’s. Rachel had work at 10am the next morning and we were out till 1.30am, she missed her last bus haha. We got back and could barely eat, forced myself to and then we said out goodbyes before we went to bed. I got barely any sleep, kept waking up feeling so hot and just was horrible. Woke up and felt disgusting! Packed the rest of my things and headed down and had about 3 bites of toast and then threw it out. Gaye had gone into check on Rachel and she was awake, we both said how dead we felt and said goodbye again when we left, was sad to leave her. We had really connected and had had so many chats. She said she remembers Monica was always dripping in gold and always looked so glamours and always wanted to look like her when she grew up. We spoke about our families so much which got me so happy to get home and see them all. 

I gave Gaye and Roger their CD and Tim Tams which they loved, the drive there Gaye put on the remix CD of GaGa, had it really loud which was fine, but there’s only 6 songs, and after it played through they didn’t change it to the album, so it plated through like 5 times, I was about to kill the CD haha, remixes are annoying. But I got some sleep which I think helped my brain. Gaye and Rachel said GaGa will always remind them of me now, yay! Got to the check-in desk, my luggage was 20.4kgs! But I had put things in it this morning, so it would of been under! The lady said it was fine, she was really nice, she gave me window seats for both flights with noone next to me!!!!! She said it wasn’t a full flight, not sure if the seats will full up, hopefully not! But I wanted a window, easier to lean against and sleep. Said goodbye to Gaye and Roger so they could get back, didn’t want to keep them, Roger got teary haha. Was sad to say goodbye, as I walked through security I waved and then had a David Tennant moment on Doctor Who when he’s crying and saying ‘I don’t want to go’ but I pushed on through and saw shops and was over it, haha no, was sad, but cannot wait to be back to sleep haha! FOUND RAYBANS! Bought a pair, cheaper than Australian prices and my Jay Jays sunnies broke, go figure haha. Found Black XS with an AMAZING keyring! A crown and a B, it was made for me! Was pretty cheap too! And now here I am, boarding opened about 20 minutes ago, going to quickly grab last minute presents and then board the plane! This will be the last time I type in England! It has been an amazing five weeks! Can’t believe how fast it’s gone and how far I’ve come as a person. I’ve really learnt a lot, never thought it would affect me, but I have learnt so much. So glad I did it. So proud I did it. This blog has been thousands of words and I don’t really know where I was going with that, haha. Time to leave England, I love it even more this time round and I’m sure I will be back, but until then my love, it’s goodbye from Ben (And now i’m getting teary from saying goodbye to a country haha!) It’s more than a country though, it’s where I came from, it’s where my history is, it’s where my family grew up. This is my real home, this is where I feel the most like me. Ok, I’m going now! Bye England <33333333333 x forever and forever.