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June 2nd;

It’s my last day! In the kitchen, Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ is playing on the radio, Gaye is getting Sarah’s ticketed ready to send to her. We just got back from the Post Office, Gaye offered to help me get my parcels down, was about 16.2kgs worth! aka $476 to send it all, 310 pounds. WHATEVER, would of been $1600 at the Airport, I think, I hope I read their excess fees right haha, I’m not going back to look now! I woke up at 8.30am, but stayed in bed until about 11 haha. I got up and Gaye said Cherrill was coming over to say goodbye. We heard a knock on the door and thought it was her, so I raced up to get changed, it wasn’t, just the neighbour, so I went and had a shower. She had arrived while I was in. Cherry was with her too. Roger had just gotten home from some of his handy man jobs, so we all walked down to Raven’s Bakery! Gaye and I ended up so far in front, I said it was a Blakeley thing and that Dad and I are fast walkers, she said, Rachel and Sarah had always said she was a fast walker. We agreed that when we know where to go, we like to get there, not fuss around, Cherry did have a little push chair, not the point. I got two jam donuts, Gaye, Roger and Cherrill got an Almond Slice and Mark’s famous iced buns! Cherry got a gingerbread man. We walked back and ate them in the garden with a cup of tea (Someone Like You just came on the radio) TODAY IS JUST SO NICE, this is the best last day! Cherrill stayed for about a half hour after we got back from the bakery, was nice to see her on her own and be able to talk to her. Was so warm outside! I think I’m going to come back with a tan! Which will be beyond ironic! As Cherrill was leaving she said to give her love to the family, especially her younger brother! I said, ‘Who’s old this year! 60!’ She said ‘No! He’s one of the young ones’ Was so strange to hear my Dad being called a younger brother haha.

After she had left it was on to weigh my luggage! It’s JUST under 20kgs! Thank God! I will just have to cram whatever is left into my hand luggage, already have a jam packed bag, hopefully they don’t weigh my two hand luggage bags haha! Then we weighed all my packages, couldn’t believe it, it’s the same amount I had come over with! There are a few of the tee’s I bought with me though, so there’s not that much for Mum to bring back if she can. I came down and told Gaye, she gasped at how much the 4kgs cost me, thinking about how much this would. We took it down to the Post Office, which is just a few streets down, which I never knew! Thank God I didn’t have to get all the way to Churchill Square! The guy was saying how expensive it would cost, I said, whatever I paid more for the 4kgs anyway. Had to fill out the customs forms 4 times! So time consuming, I insured all of them for 200 pounds and one for 300 pounds, as if you can ever prove what you had in them anyway. I just wrote gifts etc etc. There was such a line by the time I was done haha. He then told me if I pack them in 2kg posts, it’d be cheaper. I said, it doesn’t matter. LIKE I’M GOING TO CUT THE BOXES OPEN AND RE DO IT. MONEY ISN’T A FACTOR FOR SOME PEOPLE BUDDY! I’M PROBABLY GIVING YOU THE MOST BUSINESS SO JUST SHUT UP!

Rachel is coming over at 6pm, we’re gonna hang out for a bit before heading out at about 8.30, she has to leave at bout 10.30pm so will be good to get a few hours with her. So happy she’s made so much effort to see me while I’ve been here, going to miss her! Merle is coming over this afternoon apparently too, to say goodbye. That’s right people, you come to me! I just remembered I haven’t even got people presents! I literally just ran out of time! Will have a look at the airport to see if there is anything for last minute, just been so full on that you forget to buy things!

Just paid off my credit card, so not in debt AT ALL! Will get some money back from my card and the cash, so should be right to put that into savings and look at getting my tattoos! And then just continue saving for whatever is next in life! It’s been good going away, money wise, being paid for not working has helped me so much haha. I should do it more often.


Tiredness is kicking in now, I think I might have a little nap. 

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