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June 1st;

Well I have just gotten home! First day of June! Where has my time gone?!

Went out to Charles Street last night to meet Ian, we did have dinner plans but the plum forgot! (He says plum a lot, so I say it now too) I ended up having a pizza and we had a few drinks, JP finished at about 9 and we stayed a little. It was the 2IC’s birthday, so she was out, her friends had make her a cake that looked like her breasts, there’s an ongoing joke apparently. Ian and JP thought it would be funny to mess my hair and take my beanie off a million times throughout the night, Sam the bartender also joined in at one point, minions. Ended up going back to Ian and JP’s, watched a bit of the music channels, jumping from one to the other to find something good. Decided I’m sick of seeing Jessie J! She’s annoying. JP went to bed first, he had work the next morning… at 11! Ian followed shortly after, I stayed up for a little bit longer but then went to bed.

Woke up at about 8.30 the next morning, and just watched some more music channels, went to make a cup of tea and Ian appeared. JP stumbled out shortly after haha. We just chatted for a little while, we all left at the same time, Ian to walk the dog, JP and I to get the bus. Because the bus stop was a different way, I didn’t get to walk past the people who were picketing outside an abortion clinic, they even had a sign before you got there saying graphical images ahead. I wanted to have a fight, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I got off at Churchhill, while JP continued onto work. Walked around the shopping centre a bit, saw a few last minute things, ended up walking around the North Laines… Again, haha!

Went along my pier for what might be the last time in my stay! And headed to St Charles for lunch, got a pizza again and ad a red bull and vodka, double shot, I swear I’ve drunken more here, than in my entire life! JP said he found that too when he first moved here. After I had finished, I left but could feel the drink had gone to my head haha, felt a little dizzy. Walked to the bus stop and got the bus home. And here I am! I’ve noticed the last two days have been quite short blogs! I think I’m just over typing about my days! SO much easier if people could just see a live feed. Going bowling with Daniel and his girlfriend Aimee tonight which will be good! Having a meal afterwards, really wanted to see Dan a bit more before I left and tonight I shall!
Going to sort my room out, it’s such a mess. I’m getting so stressed over packing and sending things back. I’m dreading how much it’s going to cost! There’s not enough room for anything! Having to leave so many clothes, Mother will enjoy bringing them back haha.

Well my afternoon has been skyping with Mum and Kate, showering and sorting out all my stuff, it’s actually making me feel not very well cause of the stress and it doesn’t feel like I am getting anywhere at all! I’m just exhausted I think. Need a few weeks sleep before I go back to work and just want to get back and have all my stuff arrive and just be sorted, I think the worst part is getting back and sorting it all out. So I’m trying not to think about packing or anything else so the sick feeling can go away and I’ll just sort it all out tomorrow.

Have just gotten back from my night out.

Sent off to the Marina to meet Daniel and Amie, we went bowling first up! Two games, Dan won the first game, Amie came last. I won the second game, just within the last bowl! And Dan came last, which made Amie very happy haha. Dan paid for me and got me a drink which was really nice. After bowling we carried on to The Harvester to have dinner, was going to be a 30 minute wait, so we went down to the bar where Dan got me another drink, both of which weren’t alcohol, I couldn’t drink after my vodka at lunch haha. After about 5 minutes we heard ‘Groves’ being yelled out! Amie said ‘God she’s a loud mouth bitch int she?’ LOL! Most of the night we were talking like that, was good fun. Had dinner, I had a vegie burger and we just chatted about all sorts. We decided we couldn’t eat pudding and looking at the menu which had calories on it too, one had 1500 and was only 3 pounds! Scary! They wouldn’t let me pay any money for dinner either… We set off to ASDA instead and bought some lollies, again I went to pay for my own, which normal people would do but they wouldn’t let me haha! We headed for the bus where I got off before them as they had to change buses at the station, was sad to say goodbye as the night was starting to get fun with them. Wish I had got to spend more time with them both, had such a great time with them, knew I would though. We talked about different accents and I came to the conclusion that Amie’s was more common than Dan’s haha. Amie and I acted American too, because it annoyed Daniel. I said Daniel a few times during the night and Amie said he hates it, but he said our family has always called him that and that my Mum always does it. Was nice to hear him say ‘Your family has always called me that‘ He should of been born into our family I think, he doesn’t belong in the Groves’

I called Ian to see if he was out, and I went to see him and JP at Charles, didn’t have any drinks though, Mentos instead ha. The owners of Real Brighton were with there for a little while before leaving. Ian’s Dad showed up too, met him for the first time, all was going well until Ian’s Dad who was clearly drunk, thought I lacked respect for elders, I said that’s discrimination against younger people and that old people don’t understand us young people, JP thought that was very rude, and it got Ian’s Dad all arsey. I know what my family will think reading this and the more I think about it, the more it annoys me. Sorry, but I don’t give a flying fuck how old you are, if you don’t like the way someone is as a person, don’t use the whole ‘No respect’ bullshit, because when I said old people don’t understand I also said younger people don’t understand old people to which he said who’s right then? And I said no one. Drunk old straight men are such morons at times, it’s a real shame women have to put up with that. JP went out for a smoke and I joined him. Ian’s Dad came to say goodbye, shook my hand and hugged me and wished me a safe flight, moments after he revoked the offer lol, no real harm was done, I was just annoyed at how pathetic drunk people are. In his nicer moment we were talking and he said my Mother and grandmother hated him, really, really hated him. I said my mother doesn’t hate people, only one person really. But he insisted, so I shall have to ask her, but I can see why she might of.

Ian and JP keep saying ‘Oh when your Mother’s here, we’ll be having words’ I said ‘Everything I am, my Mother is, she’s just better at hiding it’ Ian’s Dad said, ‘Send Karen my love and when she’s over it’s her round’ And I said, ‘No my Mother can play hard ball thanks, you can pay’ JP ‘Oh no she’s lovely, she’d buy a round’ I FUCKING KNOW SHE WOULD. But why the fuck should she have to? Ian’s pissed me off like that, always telling me to get the first round, no fuck off. I’m the one who’s flown all this way, I made the effort, you fucking buy me a drink. Apparently Ian’s known my Mother longer, to which I said ‘REALLY IAN. KNOWN HER TO THE EXTENT I DO, GET REAL. JUST BECAUSE I GOT THE MOTHER YOU WISHED YOU HAD’
It’s just little things that have happened all the time, he’s quite a bluger with money, it’s just annoying. Kinda put a downer on my really great evening with Dan and Amie. But JP and I were fine after his little dramatic, ‘SO RUDE’ give it a rest you plum! I will never, ever back down from old people saying younger people should respect their elders, no go and fuck yourself. Show me some respect first, you don’t get respect, you earn it. Really, really pissed me off.

Wow, time has flown past. Have just done nothing but aimless facebook and tumblr. Watched this hour interview with GaGa which was really good. Managed to delete most of my Apps, including all the ones that I got for free but are not not free which was peachy.

Off to bed, nice sleep in tomorrow and then finishing packing and sending off my boxes!