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May 31st;

Well I’ve just gotten back to Gaye and Roger’s about 15 minutes ago! FINALLY! Just ate two rounds of sauce sandwiches and orange juice.

The morning was nice, I walked down stairs and Gill came out and made me tea and toast again.We chatted about her family and such, she said that Nick’s kids were very polite because their Mum was always quite strict when they were younger, but when they come over they always make the tea and don’t let her. Then she said ‘you lot‘ I presume she meant my family were like her other childs kids who she then described as messy etc. I was a bit like ‘Uhm, you didn’t let me do anything, when I offered’ so not really sure what she meant by that, I just ignored it. Went and got ready, finished packing and we then set off for the station. Gill paid for my bus ticket, again. We got to the station, I got my ticket and Gill said we should have I coffee, I refused to let her pay this time, so I did. After a while, you start to feel like a charity case. We sat for about 15 minutes and then I boarded the train.

The train ride back was pleasant enough. Changed at London, got the tube and then left London Bridge. There was a feral bogan on the train, just being annoying, talking to people. At one point he asked someone to hold his dogs lead while he went to the toilet, was burping, I was ready to shoot him. He was then just being a complete douche to these Community Service Officers, who I think are just a step down from a police officer, just a poor, worthless waste of air really.

I arrived in Brighton and walked down to Churchhill Square with my heavy bag, if I ever have to carry a heavy bag again, I will cry. I looked in River Island, but didn’t see the bag I liked in Norwich, saw these nice pants, but didn’t have my size. So gave up. Went into HMV and saw an album I needed to get, also got GaGa’s album again, bought it for Gaye and Roger as a thank you - will give it to them on Thursday along with some TIm Tams! I also got two more parcel boxes to send stuff back in, they only had mediums which was annoying. I made my way to the bus stop which was such an annoying walk, people walk SO slow! I was just so over public at this point. Bus took for ages to come, finally did I got one and had my bag on one seat, but I didn’t care that were heaps of people standing, not my problem! Stared out the window until my stop, got off and am finally home! Going to sort out my things, but first have a shower and wash my hair! It’s been annoying me all weekend! Nothing has really happened today, hence the short and blunt reportings now haha.