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May 29th;

All showered and ready to go, they’re still in bed… again! Haha. Not dreading Norwich anymore. Looking forward to it! No point thinking negatively about things. Carolyn is over next year and I can always see Andrew some other time, would have been cool to see him but oh well! Really looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone and sorting out where my life is going! But for the moment I am just going to worry about the changes in London for the trains! That’s my biggest worry in life at the moment haha.

The internet is so slow here, the photos have only half uploaded. So will wait until I either have some decent internet in Norwich, or will just have to wait until I’m back at Gaye and Roger’s.

Just had breakfast. Carolyn said it’s a shame I couldn’t come to Bath today to spend the day with them and Andrew, OH WELL! I’ve got the train change sorted as well, pretty easy. Off to the station! Bye Weston!


Train has just left, was sad saying goodbye. Didn’t want to leave. I wish Carolyn lived near us, both for Mums sake and ours. Im probably closer to her than most of my family. She is more family than most actually. Aunty Carolyn haha. She said to give her love to Karen, they really hope to be over next year, I think they will. I said I would see them very soon.



Just got on the next train, JUST un time by like 2 minutes! I had 15 minutes change over time. Got to my train but couldn’t find my water so went to Starbucks, got one and a cheese and marmite penni! Realised as I was walking out I had three minutes to get to the train! Ran. Never been so worried haha! This train even has screens on the back of the seats! With movies and such! But you have to pay haha, bastards!



Got to Paddington and did the changes to Kings Cross. The platforms were all open to walk in. Where I had walked near platform 9 using Toms oyster card which card him 4 pounds lol! Even the platform they actually filmed Harry Potter! Walked to it, its got a trolley return thing stuck to it, lame. Took a quick photo with people staring. I look so bad, meh. Just ate my custard creams that I got yesterday, they remind me of Gills ha. She better have some to offer me, even though Ive just had 10. I just thought, I never told her I was a vegetarian. This could end up awkward if she’s cooked anything, ugh! See, not easy being one you feral meat eaters.

Have been going past country side all day and sleeping, such a good use of my time ha. Its actually gone pretty quick, only two hours until Im there, after a change at Ely.



Finally on the train, leaves Ely shortly, then Norwich! Thank God its a quicker trip back to Brighton on Tuesday. I have to find somewhere to break my 50 pound note, God theyre so annoying, but no doubt the taxi wont take it.



Some guy near me has just poured a glass of Strongbow lol, only in England do they serve alcohol everywhere ha. Its so hot on this train. 



His second can now and they’re pint sizes! 35 minutes until I reach Norwich. So tired

Finally in Norwich! Got a taxi to Gill’s, she greeted me at the door and said she had just got back from the station herself! I did tell her what time I was coming in haha. We sat and had a cup of tea and… Custard Creams! Got up to date on my side of the family ha, she said she was going to put dinner on and asked me if I was an ‘eat everything eater’ I said ‘Well… I’m a vegetarian’ she replied with ‘I knew it!’ Haha, but she had a Spinach and Cheese Pie ready for tomorrow night because Nicole is a vegetarian, she asked if I ate cheese and I said, yeah little bits, I’ll endure it tonight plus I don’t mind it with spinach ha. There’s no internet Wifi, nooooooooo! Will just watch movies at night I suppose. I ended up buying two magazines at the station to break my 50, one had GaGa on the cover with like a one page article, the other a magazine which was a Harry Potter special, so worked out well! Gill told me about Mary and her life, never knew most of what she told me, kinda feel bad that we haven’t kept in contact with her. Everyone always asks how Mum is ha. I’m not an owl! I think I’m in the same room I was in last time. I have little memories. I told the taxi driver I’d never been here before because he asked which way I wanted to go haha, as soon as we turned onto the street I remembered how it looked. Don’t remember the house at all! But remember the custard creams, go figure haha. It’s a little awkward, only because we’re not REALLY related, it’s just by marriage, so I feel a bit out of place, there’s photos of all different families, because they’re all Bannon’s so does feel a little weird. Feel like an outsider, but oh well.

Just going to get ready for bed. Had a quiet evening in front of the television. I’ve already had three cups of tea since being here haha. Dinner was alright, didn’t ask for any sauce, so had to force myself to eat it plain, put a heap of salt on it. Shall ask next time. For pudding Gill did some fruit, Banana, Strawberries and Mangos. The strawberries weren’t that bad, neither were the mangos, ate them both with the banana to get them down, left some of the mango’s. Felt rude to say I don’t really like them. We watched ‘Come Dine With Me’ love that show, then Antique’s Roadshow, have always wanted to see that. Then I watched Little Britain while Gill read, after that finished I turned over to wait for the horror that was starting at 10, had the top 100 selling singles in the UK of the year so far. ‘Someone Like You’ was number one, has sold over 800k! Insane! Gill didn’t even know who Adele was lol! Gill went to bed and I watched ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16’ it’s on the basis of the reality show, the girl gets a huge party but there’s a killer in this one. Wasn’t too bad, made me jump a few times and had me looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was in the room haha, ending was a bit random, they had a really good ending, but then added a bit on at the end? Random. I think this has been my most uneventful entry, or one of them. Nothing’s really happening tomorrow, I think Gill said some people are coming over? Not sure which relations these are. Going to get to the cemetery tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to get to spend some time there on my own. Feel a bit sick. Ever since Carolyn played Adele’s ’21’ album during breakfast I’m really into it, I had listened through once before, but hadn’t thought much of it, don’t think I really gave it a listen. It’s actually really good, no wonder it’s been number one for weeks on end. There is a family crest in Gill’s house that has ‘Bannon’ on it, so weird to see that last name. Also found out that Mary was a Bannon at one point, which I suppose I should of known, but just never clicked. In a bit of a weird mood really, not really sure if I’m content or sad ha. I should probably just go to bed and get some sleep, as it’s just hit midnight.

Finally heaping to bed now!