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May 28th;

Have just gotten home.


Set my alarm this morning for 8.30am, got up at 9am, went and had a shower and then facebooked for a while, why I waited for Carolyn to be up. She was up shortly after and was getting breakfast ready. She set everything up on the table. Looked really nice, she had even got me gluten free, everything free oats haha. I ended up just having 4 pieces of toast with marmite and weetbix. Phil was out walking the dog. He got back and we all had breakfast, with Adele’s album playing in the background, it really is so English haha. After breakfast we skyped with the family which was nice! After Carloyn and Phil I spoke to everyone for a little while, was in the middle of Kate telling me about her house when the internet just cut out and wouldn’t come back on. So just left it.After talking to Carolyn, I told her I didn’t really want to go to Norwich anymore. I kinda just want to stay here longer, but oh well! Always another time! Short and sweet, so they say! We headed out at about 12.30pm.

Driving along the country side listening to ‘Heart’ station which was playiing 90‘s music, we were all singing. Was just so cool! We went to Cheddar Grove for a little bit to start with. The huge rock mounds were so pretty! So was the little village and greenery. We parked up and just had a little walk round the shops. It was raining and was pretty cold. So we didn’t really want to be out in it and was hard to actually walk up the grove cause of Phil, but it was still really nice. I loved the sprinkling rain and being in the old English village.

We then set off for Wells, the home of The Hot Fuzz filming! Parked and went into the first pub we saw. Didn’t like the look of it, bit naft. So we went off to another one. After Phil and I had used the bathroom, we decided there wasn’t anything we really wanted here. Carolyn wanted to use the toilet but we said we’d meet her outside, she said it would be too obvious now to go! So we left. We saw a coffee shop and went in, there wasn’t anything I could eat so we left this one too! We stopped off at a Charity Shop and Carolyn found a pair of heels for a fiver, so she bought them. Found a pub call The Kings Head and went in, finally got a menu and there was a vegie burger! So we decided that we were eating here! As Carolyn said she was not getting back up! Carolyn and I went up to order our meals and drinks. I told her I was going to pay, she fought for a little bit, but I told her to stop being an idiot! It was only 27 pounds! Cheap for a meal out, besides it’s the least I could do. While we waited for our meal we took some photos on Phils camera of us. Will have to get them off him for myself! The meal was really nice, they gave me salad even though I asked for none! They were both so grateful that I had paid, silly people. During lunch Phil tried to do his insulin, but the syringe wouldn’t work so Carolyn was worrying all day, bless. Must be hard on Phil having diabetes, never want to get it!

After lunch we headed off for the Cathedral. Walked past where Andrew used to work, the Co Op, it’s also where a scene was filmed in Hot Fuzz which was cool to see! We stopped off at a shop that Mum had gone in, Carolyn told me, so I wanted to go in just because Mum had been in there ha. There were these cool ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ block things, but there weren’t the official colours and probably too heavy to send back, but really nice, plus I don’t think I have anywhere to put them! The Cathedral was really pretty, like most of then. Took quite a few photos of it. Were in there for about 20 minutes, they were closing most of it off as we were leaving. Again they wanted at least 6 pound donation and to pay for a camera permit! We did neither of these! Bastards! Andrew called Carolyn while we were in, he was saying to her ‘So when are we going to Australia?’ He wants to go apparently. We stopped off at a shop and I bought ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ shortbread biscuits! I only bought it for the tin they came in, looks cool! We headed back for the car, stopped off at another charity shop where Phil bought a white toast holder! The two girls who served us were ferals. Both were talking how they couldn’t wait for one person to become famous so that they would know them. When we left we all agreed that if the said person did become famous, they would be the last person they’d contact. Phil said they’d pretend they didn’t know the girls. Too funny.

Got back to the car after having to climb under bars! Carolyn and I said feral so many times today, but the funniest time was when we were waiting to pull out of the carpark, Carolyn started to pull out because she thought the car was going to let her out… it didn’t. ‘OH THANKS YOU FERAL FREAK!’ I laughed for SO long! Even laughing about it now as I’m typing it. Just the way she says feral is just so fucking funny!


We stopped off at ALDI to get some bread and cheese for tonights dinner. I ended up getting some Custard Creams, Digestives, Pretzels and Lemon Lime drink, which was diet and isn’t that nice as I’m drinking some  at the moment. I went to pay for them and the two garlic breads, loaf of bread, and peanuts Carolyn had got, the hole wouldn’t accept my card, so Carolyn paid but it was all under 5 pounds! Could not believe how cheap it was! As we were driving back, this car decided to start pulling out so Carolyn had to break which sent the cool drink flying and it burst and started to spray everywhere lol! Carolyn was not happy with the driver! We got home and the other two cars from the flats had taken the easy spots so Carolyn had to reverse up the huge hill ‘I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN WHEN THIS PRICK MOVED IN!’ ‘I’M GONNA PARK RIGHT ON HIS BAR!’ LOL! She is actually so funny. It’s hard to take her seriously!

Got in and rung Jill to let her know what time I was getting in, I presume I’ll just be getting a taxi to hers… Not really looking that forward to her. Although on this phone call she said it would be nice to see me. Miracle on 34th Street!

Now it’s sunny! Ironic! The sun has finally come out and it shinning through the window. Carolyn; ‘Now the sun’s bloody coming out!’ Oh England, you’re so funny.

Have just finished drying up after dinner. We had Quorn Meat balls with Wheat and Gluten free pasta! So a complete vegan meal! Was very nice indeed! Phil was having a bit of a hypo during dinner, but once his food had hit his system he came back. Carolyn was quite worried. Must be such a constant thing playing on her mind. Phil explained his diabetes and his eye sight. I asked him what he saw in the part his blind and he said, well nothing, cause he can’t see haha. I’ve always wanted to know what blind people saw. He’s never been asked that question and I kinda got my answer lol. Hopefully going to get to watch tonights Doctor Who that was taped! Don’t want to go tomorrow, wish I had got more time with them. Carolyn said sorry for a dodgy day. I told her I didn’t come for the sights! She was glad I made the effort to come and see her. I’m glad too. Like I will be with Norwich, really want to visit Bernard. Will be nice to see some of my relatives. Hopefully they’re a bit more normal.

Just watched Doctor Who, it was amazing! This season really has been so good! How it used to be. Ever since I did the Doctor Who experience, Matt Smith has grown on me, Amy is even pretty decent in this season! Rory is a bit of a loser, but he’s like the Mickey of Rose’s seasons. Carolyn went to bed and apologised for going so early, she looked knackered. Just in the living room, Phil’s on his laptop. Cricket is on in the background haha. God so cannot be bothered with the train tomorrow! Leave here at 10.45am, don’t get to Norwich until 4.25pm, a few changes in London I think, so hopefully they all go smoothly.

Has been a pretty short blog today, probably just got straight to the point on most things ha. I think I might upload the photos and then head to bed. Pretty tired and have to be up earlyish tomorrow to get ready for Norwich!