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May 27th;

God I wrote the 28th, wishing the days away! Woke up, feeling horrible haha. All showered and breakfasted! Spoke with Roger for a little bit before showering, he’s got hay fever/cold, aww. Told him about what I got up to briefly, he’s going to run me to the station, woo! Glad I got up early, now I have a bit of time to sort my bag and waste it on the internet ha.

Time to head for the station! This train ride better be an easy one. Gaye had done all the washing that I had left on my floor, bless! Was so thankful, I needed new briefs! And my bed was so nice to sleep in, nice and clean and fresh!


On the train, ha there are such confusion with the seats. Even the train staff don’t know what the seat people have done. They’ve just put tickets on seats in random orders. People are just swapping them. I moved mine to a window seat. One lady was having a full on discussion about it with one of the staff. A man near men goes ‘Oh shut up’ to himself LOL! Oh how I love England!



It doesn’t really matter where you sit but this lady came to the seat next to mine going to sit and ask if there were any numbers. I point to the seat beside me’s number, she walked off lol! If i can help it. No one is sitting next to me.



Well Im now on the train to Weston! Took three and a half hours to get to Bristol! I went to a platform that went to Weston but wasn’t leaving until 1.30pm, my ticket said I’d be arriving at 1.21pm so was a bit annoyed, but heard a train approaching that was going somewhere else but stopped at Weston so raced there. Went to Starbucks and got my usual Venti hot chocolate, got a… Cheese and marmite panni! This just confirms Starbucks is the best. Got a huge choc chip cookie and a croissant too! So over trains. I have such bags under my eyes! Had someone next to me pretty much the whole way up, chairs were so close together. At the moment I have a whole table which has four seats around it! We’ll see how long this lasts.


That was so good! Had these weird other bit of sauce in this random part but it was fine. The label even says Vegetarian. Why cant everywhere do this?! A healthy sandwich for vegetarians that don’t like eating salad! The country sides are so pretty. Went past a waterfall edge which was stunning. So green and pretty! Beatrix Potter villages!

Just got back to the flat. Met Phil at the station. Carolyn had mentioned something about his vision, so I saw a man with a white stick and thought it must be him. I think from what Carolyn said Phil just can’t see by his sides. He asked if I wanted to walk along the seaside or get a bus. I said to walk, about a 30 minute walk along the seaside. It’s such a pretty little town, had two piers like Brighton! One was even on fire! The Old Pier, it’s right in front of their living room windows! An amazing view! The other is the Grand Pier, a lot like Palace, but nowhere near as good. We walked past where Carolyn works. The flat is cosy as well, very nice. Phil’s so nice. He asked he I’d like a drink. I said water. He asked fizzy or normal, I said normal. Then he asked if I wanted ice! Haha, so many options! He said he’s been told to look after me! Bless. I’m being made a marmite sandwich, woo! Carolyn run him on the way to the flat, he said it would be her checking if he’d collected me, it was lol. Being Karen’s son get’s me treated like royalty. When I went to Charles Street last night, I got asked to look in all my bags, the security guy said he knew it was a pain but he had to be seen doing it. Then Ian came and got me and said I was his cousin and I got let straight in. It’s all about who you know! I know the right people. Although the train was about 7 minutes later, not impressed ha. Cannot wait to get a good nights sleep. Carolyn and Phil are going to an Irish dance thing tonight, annoying that it was this Friday, means only really get to spend Saturday and the little Sunday morning. They asked if I wanted to go as well, just might not be sitting with them. Will see how the afternoon goes, don’t wanna gate-crash, they’ve had this planned for a few months. I’ve taken photos of the flat, mainly for Mum haha. Their bathroom is so pink, I mentioned it to Phil and he said, it was like that when they got here, so they’ve just continued it with pink accessories and God! They’re a so many Body Shop products! It’s like Kate’s been here!

Just had some lunch and some fresh fruit! Even got asked if I wanted my sandwich halved or quartered haha. Watched a bit of cricket, cause Phil likes it. Going to have a nap, so tired. Carolyn should be home about 5ish. There’s a photo of Mum and Carolyn when they were younger on holiday in Spain, so weird seeing younger photos of my Mum. God this is where my history is. This country is my home.

Just woke up to my alarm. Thought I’d set one so that I wasn’t sleep into the night. Feel more tired I think. Will get up and hopefully wake up more. Carolyn should be home shortly.

Just in the living room having a cup of tea with Carolyn and Phil (Which Carolyn put milk in haha, still drinking it, cannot be bothered changing it), they’re trying to fix the television, it randomly stopped working Sky while I was watching it ha. We got back at about 12. Was such a good night.
I walked out of my room to find Carolyn already home, we hugged and she said I was a splitting image of Karen! We spoke for a little while and had dinner, I had some spicy chicken slices with little potatoes that were baked like chips, was really nice. Carolyn got me a Vodka and Orange, it was so strong haha, managed to drink some of it to get it topped up with more orange juice. Just spent dinner catching up and just general chit-chats about life. Carolyn’s Mum or little sister used to work the SAME library Bernard and Gaye worked at! Spooky that the library connects three different families who are all known to each other now. 
During dinner they both said I had Irish eyes. After dinner we took their dog for a quick walk while Phil got ready for the performance. Was so windy, nice and cold here. Took a photo with Carolyn! Will have to take more tomorrow.

They both insisted I came to the Irish Dancing tonight, I agreed. Thought, may as well! It was in a small theatre, much like Burswood Theatre, a little smaller. It was full of old people haha. We managed to get their seats moved a few rows back and get three seats together which was good, still a really good view, were pretty much centre. The show was really enjoyable. It was basically telling a story of a man who moved away from his girlfriend to find work in America. You would be played music by this group of four, hear the mans letter’s to his girlfriend over the speakers then the dancers would act out the scene as much, in dance. He ended up never going back and they both married other people, in the end his wife died and he returned to Ireland 55 years after he was last there. One of the four band members said this song was for if you’re feeling homesick and this song if you’re missing people haha, was kinda fitting, but the songs didn’t really connect with me. There was one girl who sung ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and butchered it, she sung ‘Breathless’ by The Corrs too which was bad. We spoke about it afterwards and both Carolyn and I said we dreaded it every time we saw her come on stage haha. Every song they made the crowd clap, I did it for the whole first song then in and out the rest of the night. After the interval one of the dancers got half the crowd to do two claps, the other crowd to do two claps and the upper decking to do five, not talking just pointing and acting it out. Eventually it created a song which was cool. He ended up getting us in a pattern but then messed it up, it was pretty entertaining. He was my favourite guy dancer, and the only girl with short hair was my favourite girl dancer, I got excited when they danced together. At one point there was a lot of fake smoke and everyone in the front row started coughing, Carolyn looked at me and I went ‘Oh shut up, it’s a bit of bloody smoke’ We were both in hysterics. We were a lot of the night. She’s so lovely. Phil was singing a lot of the performance too which made us laugh. Was a really nice atmosphere, the performers really looked like they were having a great time.

We went to a pub after the performance and had a couple of drinks, peanuts and crisps. So English, loved every minute of it! As we spoke Carolyn said I was just like Karen and Bernard. She said she always had a feeling that I would move to England and that I look and have an aura that I just fit here. Phil said I seemed really chilled and just fitted. Funnily enough, I think out of all us kids, I’m probably most drawn to England. Was really nice to just talk about all sorts. Got along with them both so well. Carolyn said next time I will have to stay longer! I had forgotten my wallet so Carolyn paid for my ticket and they bought my drinks and wouldn’t accept any money! Feel so welcome here, it’s really nice.

The walk back we were laughing so much. Carolyn was saying she really hates it when people treat Phil like his either drunk or just stupid because he stumble around without his stick or guidance. She told me one time this German man tutted at him and she went and got his stick and waved it in his face saying ‘SEE. BLIND! DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU IGNORANT GERMAN!’ She sounded just like Mum! I said that and Phil said, yeah Brighton girls! Carolyn asked if saying feral was an Australian thing or just something in our family, she realised how snobby it sounded and we laughed. I said I’d be telling my mother!

Carolyn’s gone to bed, she’s going to go to a car boot sale in the morning, I don’t think I’ll attend, I want to sleep in to a decent time, like 8ish haha. Going out tomorrow for the day, not sure where yet, but know we’re going an English pub for dinner! And I think Wells. Kinda wish I had more time here, especially since Carolyn has Monday off, but can’t be helped! They both seem really happy with each other, which is so nice to see. Phil’s family all sound great. His brother produced Big Brother! His niece was in the band The Ordinary Boys, his mother was an ex nurse and is 80 but still does everything by herself! His daughter a nurse and his son does something with a wealthy company. Phil himself is a lawyer - He’s met the Queen’s husband a few times and attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, very posh! Haha.

Has been such a good night! Going to sort through my photos, mainly just scenery ones and upload them! Then should probably head to bed!

I think I’ve mentioned everything that’s happened this evening. If not I shall write it tomorrow if I remember. Was such a good night! Can’t wait for tomorrow! This time in a week I’ll be flying home. I don’t even want to think about that! I’m so glad I came. I know it’s been so full on since Monday, but I’m so glad I’ve done all this and crammed it all into this week! Everyone is so impressed that I’ve done it all on my own. So am I!