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May 26th;

Well alarm went off and again I went back to sleep. Woke up and was so worried that I would of slept through my actual train back, doesn’t leave until 10.48am thank God, have less than two hours to get to the station. Going to go down and see if I can change my breakfast time to 9am, I don’t see it being a problem. Just annoying, my eyes look so tired and baggy. I think I need a proper night sleep. Wont be getting one of those for a while ha.


Success! Went to reception and changed it, turns out the time doesn’t even matter as he just gave me a 9.30am one and i still got it, lovely how they don’t tell you these things ha. Had Coco pops, two croissants and 4 square chocolate ones! Saw someone in my Wing’s hall way on the way back for the first time! As always my door card took forever to open my door ha. Time to get ready and pack up my things!

Got distracted by more GaGa updates haha! Just going to finish packing and head off for the train station!


Train has just left. Was some confusion with seats, people in wrong ones. Got my seat no one is next to me! For now haha. As I was checking out I returned the adapter and I got 30 euros in 5 euro notes, annoying, he counted them out like 3 times, was so slow. I thought to myself. I bet my bus is going to leave as soon as I walk out and sure enough it did ha! Luckily another on came about 10 minutes later.


Funny what you forget. On the way here on the train, I had GaGa playing through my headphones and i heard Madison the little girl say, wheres that beautiful coming from? Good girl.


There were army guys here on Monday and again today with full on guns, like ones that’ll shoot out a million bullets, they’re so scary. You think every move you make might set them off into you. The train announcement music is freaky, something you’d hear out of a scary movie.


I have a change over in Lille Europe for about an hour I think which is lame. My shoulders hurt from my bags. Trying to fit these three in a theatre is going to be fun! Hopefully they’ll have a cloak room that’ll hold them.Time for some GaGa and rest.



Just remembered something else! On my way to London on Sunday for the Harry Potter tour a lady in front of me tapped my knee and asked me to turn my music down rofl. These are such old headphones so they probably don’t block the sound on the outside very well. I don’t think that would ever happen in Australia haha.



Well i just had the biggest panic. Got off the train and as I was going up the stairs I realised I didn’t have my camera, searched my bags on the steps, nope. Went back into the train racing through to my seat, not there. Then raced off worried the train might leave the station. Got to a chair and started emptying my bag, not there, kinda gave up a little. Then this guy started talking in french to me, I said I spoke english. He asked ‘Lost?’ and i said yes camera and did the camera gesture. He said yes and pulled it out! I was so thankful and he walked off. So random that he came from nowhere up to me, would he of kept it?! Did he look through it?! Haha I don’t care, so glad he was an honest person, a nice way to end my France trip I think. Have about 50 minutes until my train leaves here for London! Cant wait!



Just went through customs, God I wish I had gotten my British passport before I left, wouldn’t have to fill out immigration forms all the time. Feels like I’ve gone through a time warp. Was on Lille station now in the boarding room, doesnt feel like the same place ha. 20 minutes until departure! Woo! Was so nice to hear an English accent at the border! He asked why I was going to London, I said I came from there and he ask well why are you going back lol such pointless questions, cause Im going to say a real reason if it’s bad. 



Ugh talk about no space. This train seems a lot smaller than my first one. Maybe its cause there were kids, actually this one has two tables, annoying. I have to have all my bags above me. So there is less room. Ugh. This trip better so quickly.



And off we go! At least I got my requested, front facing, window seat every time! If I hear something else said in French it’ll be a moment too soon!



LOL, a train lady just told me to turn my music down, damn these headphones.



Haha I’m now back in time! Have just entered London timezone! Woo! Will be arriving in about 20 minutes. Have felt so much quicker this time round, weird. I randomly had a story idea come to me, so I’ve written some of it, we’ll see if I continue with it.



Just got on the train waiting for it to leave for Brighton! Well I had an hour to get to Billy Elliot. Made it with time to spare, a train change, one I’d done before and the theatre was visible as soon as I walked out of the station. I bought a program and a drink, then used the change to put to bags in the cloak room, a pound an item, pretty cheap considering. The program was only £5 they must just add on extra for shipping when they sell programs in Australia. (It’s so annoying typing on an iPhone.) The show itself was so good! The actor who played Billy was amazing! So talented and just adorable. The actor who played Michael was so funny and just plain amazing, the relationship between him and Billy was portrayed so well! Incredible for such young actors. I loved the dance teacher, I had to look so closely, it looked like the real actress at first! So similar! There was so much swearing. But it wasn’t really offensive. When the kids swore it was just funny. I didn’t like Billy’s brother, the character or the actor. I thought he was too over the top. I didn’t really get the whole striking business either, it didn’t really make sense… I haven’t watched the movie in so long and only once I think, shall have to re-watch it. But so worth the money, would see it again. But I’d want the same actors, I hate how they have different people. Its hard to tell from their photos in the program who played who. Most of us gave them a standing ovation, it was just so good, I even laughed out loud a few times which I rarely do at shows. The show finished at 5.30pm, so I had 2 hours to get to the next venue! I walked out to pouring rain, while it was annoying with my bags, I loved it so much. In London, walking in rain, after seeing a musical, it felt amazing. England is 100% better than France. I felt so much better being here, took my time getting used to people talking English, messes with your mind haha. I got to the station and took so long finding what line I had to get on. Even though i knew I just couldn’t see it, finally did, had to do two changes. I got to where I needed to be and then tried to find the theatre on the stations map, found it and went for Exit 9! I thought about eating some dinner, walk down a street and as I was crossing I saw a McDonalds (This train was meant to leave 8 minutes ago! Bahaha the man in front of me just looked at his watch and shook his head. If it goes past midnight and they try and fine me cause its past the 26th they can go GFY!) I got to Maccas and went to order, I seemed to be stressing haha, the till lady had a look of just calm down at one point (OMG WE JUST HAD TO CHANGE TRAINS! Took so long to find a train and this one doesn’t leave until 11.12pm, bring it on Brighton guards!) I thought she said calm down but she was just confirming my order. Got the spicy vegie burger. It came just like a McChicken burger would! This made my day haha, I miss those burgers so much. I finished my meal. I saw a picture of Big Ben and went to take a photo of it, it was near a taped off section and just as I was taking some minion came and said I couldn’t go there. I said i know and that I was just taking a photo, didn’t come out very well anyway. Didn’t take many photos at all today. Just mainly of stations and the outside of the theatre’s lol. As I left Maccas I went in the direction the map showed but I thought it was the wrong way, so I walked towards the Savoy Theatre where I saw Legally Blonde, got a free packet of Mentos gum on my way! I kept meaning to ask someone if they knew where it was. I saw a hotel with the same of the street it was on, so I knew it would be around, I looked to my left and there it was, a little tucked away but covered in The Lion King banners. Had to wait 25 minutes for doors to open, so I sat on a wet step hah. Doors opened and I got my program that I ordered with my ticket which I think I paid more for ha. I saw there was a tote bag for £2 THEN I saw a snow globe! It was pretty big but I decided I had to get it. I went back to the same guy and asked him for it. He asked where in Australia I was from. I replied with ‘How do you know Im from Australia?’ He said he knew what a local sounded like and asked where. I said Perth and he said he was too! Asked where and I said Leeming, he was from Ocean Reef, I said ‘Oh… The north’ ha he said he wasn’t originally from there! It was actually so nice to talk to an Australian, he sounded it too. i just wanted to hug him. Home sick or what?! He said he was over here doing what I have since forgotten but he did say he was trying to make it.


I went to put my bags in the cloak room, I paid the guy with a £5 note which he gave me £2 change, he then said he couldn’t accept it cause it was the old one and that a bank would have to change it. He said to just give him the change back and that it wasn’t my fault and he put my bags in and didn’t charge me, yay! 


I was third row. The show was visually amazing. Wasn’t expecting people to BE the animal, like puppeteers. The opening had a huge elephant come from the back with other animals, made me think of Mum. Was amazing! The show was really good. The young Simba i felt wasn’t very good at acting and could just sing. Young Nala was a little better. The older cast were a lot better, without being racist but it was mainly a black cast and they just cant articulate the kind of emotions the white cast could when speaking.


Rafiki was played by a black women you would see as a gumbo maker, she was hilarious, made me laugh so much! But she could be that part, so it was more believable.


Young Simba sounded like he was just reading the lines, not feeling them. That and the sometimes rushed and awkward bits were its only downfall.


The animal actors were amazing! Timon and Pumbaa were fantastic, just like the movie! Older Nala’s singing voice was great! And the way they did some of the animals was just amazing! A really great show! And cheaper than Billy!


The show ended and I ventured back to Charing Station where I knew there was a National Rail. None of the trains went to Brighton so got on a train that took me to London Bridge where i got on the first train! This second one has just left! So will definitely go past my ticket time, but thats just too bad, hardly my fault.


Carolyn left me a message while I was getting into the theatre, a four minute long one haha! Stressing about food, tomorrow night, where to meet Phil etc lol, bless. Will be up at like 6.30/7am tomorrow morning for more trains! I leave in a week! Cannot believe it! I don’t want to leave, but I do; to see everyone. I know I’ll be back though so its no so bad leaving. Im dreading the flight back!



Lol, just got asked by the guy next to me to turn my iphone down. Its so funny that they do that here. Australians I think are too scared to approach a teen to ask.

Just got back! I arrived at 12.20am but went and had a drink with Ian and JP at Charles St. May as well seeing as I was about 5 minutes away! Was nice to see them for a little bit. Going to have dinner with them on Tuesday as a proper goodbye, but will see them Thursday night too when we go out! Have to get my bags ready for tomorrow morning! Here comes about five hours sleep haha! I feel like I’m home coming into Brighton. Feels nice. Managed to give away my out of date 5 pound note to the taxi driver ha. I have about four bags from this week away. More stuff to send home, God, seriously?! AND I put my train ticket in the machine and it let me out no worries!

Uploaded the few photos that I took, such a pointless album haha. Going to get ready for bed and get some sleep! So tired, hopefully I will get up in the five or so hours! Woo!